A sure cure for seasickness is to sit under a tree. Spike Milligan

About A Bibliophile’s Haven

Formerly known as ‘QuotesRain’, AllAuthor was established in June 2015 as an exclusive platform for quotes. With the transition from ‘QuotesRain’ to ‘AllAuthor’, we’re now a fast growing bibliophile network connecting readers and authors together.
With authors from all over the globe, we’re dedicated towards helping them publicise their work by holding extensive promotional activities on the main website and on many other social media platforms. AllAuthor also serves as a platform for readers to discover new books and interact with their authors.

Vision "No book shall remain unread for the lack of exposure."

In a world where millions of readers and writers are born every single day, AllAuthor is our attempt to bridge the gap between you – the authors and your readers!
We’re a platform where every author’s work is recognised and brought under the limelight and every reader’s thirst for words is sated. For us, there is nothing more important than delivering what you – as an author, or reader – need!

    Team Teamwork makes the Dream Work.
  • Naveen Joshi Founder & CEO
  • Mady Joshi CO Founder & COO