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  • Jay Williams

    Jay Williams

    Crime Fiction, Thrillers, Mysteries, Action & Adventure, Literary Fiction, Humor
  • Michael Grant

    Michael Grant

    Thriller, Historical fiction, Fantasy, Police procedurals, Humor
  • Roshan Bhondekar

    Roshan Bhondekar

    Advice & How-To, General Nonfiction, Religion & Spirituality, Parenting, Business, Humor
  • Avalina Kreska

    Avalina Kreska

    Suspense, Mysteries, Supernatural Suspense, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Humor
  • Joseph Alizio Jr.

    Joseph Alizio Jr.

    Action and Adventure, Autobiographies, Humor, Non fiction
  • Jenny Twist

    Jenny Twist

    Contemporary Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Humor
  • karen Vaughan

    karen Vaughan

    Mysteries, Women's Fiction, Humor
  • Lisa Orban

    Lisa Orban

    Teen & Young Adult, Biographies & Memoirs, General Nonfiction, Humor
  • Zack Love

    Zack Love

    Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, New Adult Romance, Romance, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Humor
  • Gary Bonn

    Gary Bonn

    Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Humor
  • Jarod Kintz

    Jarod Kintz

    Humor, Literature, Fiction
  • Lyn Fuchs

    Lyn Fuchs

    Travel, Philosophy, Humor
  • Kipjo K. Ewers

    Kipjo K. Ewers

    Action & Adventure, Paranormal Romance, African American Interest, Science Fiction, Humor