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  • G. S. Scott

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Sorrow's Heart: Origin's Story (The True Tree Chronicles)

by: G. S. Scott

Sorrow's Heart mixes dark fantasy and horror into a story that is sure to haunt the reader. In a world ruled by the God of Chaos, a young girl is abandoned by her family and enslaved. The priest that holds her captive is experimenting on her and others in an attempt at connecting her and the other slaves to his god. She struggles to endure and find the meaning of her fragile, tortured life. Along the way, she finds help from some unexpected companions who show her a world beyond the grim one she had become accustomed to... the only world she had known. Does this young girl have the strength and the heart to not just survive but thrive? And will she fulfill her ultimate dream? ...Freedom.

Category: Fantasy, Horror
Meet the Author
G. S. Scott Fantasy, Dark Fantasy

G. S. Scott works at a civil engineering firm in Lansing, Michigan. He enjoys writing all types of fantasy stories and poetry. He is active in local writing groups and is an avid gamer. He enjoys local theater with his playwright domestic partner. They shares their new home with her wonderful cat...

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