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  • Dianna Bellerose

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Monster in the Mirror

by: Dianna Bellerose

As Ricky stares into the mirror, he no longer sees the monster that he once saw there, but the memory of his past still haunts him —the story he has never really told. As a child, Ricky faced one abusive episode after another. He is beaten, sexually assaulted, and demeaned by the adults that should be taking care of him. The only thing he has is the safety he feels from an angel watching over him during his times of hopelessness and the rare blissful relationship he has with his grandmother.

Meet the Author
Diana Bellerose Non Fiction

Diana Bellerose is born and raised in Eastern Europe. She grew up in a working class family. As a little girl she spends most of her childhood with her grandparents. Presently, she lives with her husband, daughter and their two dogs and cat in Seattle, WA. She has finished Edmonds Community College...

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Publish Date: 14, Aug 2013
Page Count: 90

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