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  • Connie Suttle

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Finder (First Ordinance, #1)

by: Connie Suttle

A dead god. A dying world. A girl never meant to be sentient. Siriaa is dying. A poison is spreading throughout the planet and none know how to neutralize it. Finder, working in King Tamblin's castle kitchen most of her life, has never spoken. A child of questionable parentage, Finder is an orphan assigned to perform duties nobody else wants. While others plan intrigue, murder and invasion to escape the poison's effects, Finder watches all in mute acceptance. Will she be the key to Siriaa's salvation, or will it die about her, without knowing why?

Meet the Author
Connie Suttle Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult

einvention/Reincarnation. Those words describe Connie best. She has worked as a janitor, a waitress, a mower of lawns and house cleaner, a clerk, secretary, teacher, bookseller and (finally) an author. The last occupation is the best one, because she sees it as a labor of love and therefore no...

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Publish Date: 24, Mar 2014
Page Count: 241

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