Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles. Charlie Chaplin

  • Connie Suttle

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Target (Legend of the Ir'Indicti #3)

by: Connie Suttle

"It's our God given right to bear arms and hunt any animal." Congressman Jack Howard looked quite distinguished—from the threads of gray at the temples of his carefully cut hair to the designer jeans, cowboy shirt and snakeskin boots he wore. He smiled and blew smoke from the expensive Cuban cigar Obediah Tanner offered.

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Connie Suttle Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult

einvention/Reincarnation. Those words describe Connie best. She has worked as a janitor, a waitress, a mower of lawns and house cleaner, a clerk, secretary, teacher, bookseller and (finally) an author. The last occupation is the best one, because she sees it as a labor of love and therefore no...

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