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The Widow and the Will

by: J. Thomas-Like

Tess Kingston is a young bride suffering the worst tragedy imaginable. Just as she is finally piecing her life together again, long-kept skeletons come clawing out of the closet and she finds herself at odds with her once-beloved in-laws and in the cross hairs of the police. Hudson Marks is a promising new lawyer hired to represent the beautiful widow in a bitter estate battle and ends up defending her against looming charges of murder instead. Together, with the help of Hudson’s older brother, Ford, the trio must find the real killer before Tess ends up in prison for a crime she did not commit.

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J. Thomas-Like Contemporary, Chick Lit, Romance

I greet you and welcome you to my website! Bear with me as this site wends and winds itself through many changes.n nI've been a writer all my life, really. It started when I dictated stories to my older family members so they could write them down and I could illustrate. Once I learned to write...

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