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  • Dr Barry J. Hammer

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Deepening Your Personal Relationships

by: Dr Barry J. Hammer

Everyone wants to improve and deepen their relationships. This book explains the development of psychologically healthy, fulfilling, interpersonal relationships involving effective communication, empathic emotional intimacy, shared transformational development, and constructive conflict resolution to achieve this aim. A section on improving society through enhancing interpersonal relationships is included. The authors anticipate that this book will be of keen interest to professional relationship counselors, including marriage counselors, family counselors, and conflict mediators. Readers interested in enhancing their personal relationships and gaining insight into transformational self-help and social transformation will also find this volume helpful. Deepening Your Personal Relationships provides original, meaningful, and transformational insights. These insights can be especially helpful in understanding how to overcome the separate ego's mostly subconscious fear of and resistance against emotional intimacy and good communication, as well as understanding how good relationships can produce enhanced levels of spiritual development, psychological healing, self-understanding, creative functioning, inner peace, happiness, and fulfillment in life. ABOUT THE AUTHORS Dr. Max Hammer and Dr. Alan C. Butler are psychologists from Maine. Dr. Barry Hammer (also from Maine) has a specialization in the History of World Religions, and has studied the process of psychological and spiritual transformation, and its applicability to enhancing human relationships, for many years. The primary author, the late Dr. Max Hammer, was an editor and a major contributor of two previously published books: The Theory and Practice of Psychotherapy with Specific Disorders (Springfield, Illinois: Charles C. Thomas Publisher, 1972); and The Practice of Psychotherapy with Children (Homewood, Illinois: Dorsey Press, 1967). Another book, soon to be published, is: Psychological Healing Through Creative Self-Understanding and Self-Transformation. (Strategic Books). He also published about 30 articles in the fields of psychotherapy and clinical psychology. Publisher's website: http://sbprabooks.com//MaxHammer

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Professional Bio for Dr. Barry HammernDr. Barry Hammer (born January 1958) has a Ph.D. in Religious Studies/Spirituality from the Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley, California; 1992) and a Masters in Religious Studies/Spirituality from Harvard Divinity School (Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1982)....

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