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  • Sonja Wuthrich

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Elementary Virtue

by: Sonja Wuthrich

Moving to Canada was supposed to be a fresh start for Gregory; all he wants is a normal life. Hang out with his friends and have fun, like any normal eighteen year old. When Gregory finds out that he is the prophecised savior of a mystical clan, his life is turned upside down. Caught up in a war between the mystics, some of whom see him as the savior, and others simply want him dead. His situation gets even more dangerous by his tendency to immolate everything around him whenever he gets angry. As conflicts come to a head, Gregory's life is in balance... Then there's Leyla… Her lifelong crush on Gregory is messing everything up, compromising his cover in a time when he needs to lay low and keep his cool to avoid detection. Will they be able to unravel the secrets of an Ancient prophecy, thwart their enemies, and deal with their feelings towards each other in time?

Category: Fantasy
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Sonja Wuthrich Fantasy

Books have always fascinated me from my early childhood. Above all fantasy stories. Writing as well as reading have always been a way for me to dive into another world. In my first book of the sequel "Elementary Virtue" my hero Gregory has to face all of a sudden properties that frighten and...

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