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by: CG Blade

Science fact. Historical fact. These two subjects combined make up the newest and brightest science fiction novels, The Trinity Series. These wonderful novels are grounded in historical scientific fact and once they start, they never stop their climb towards a dramatic climax and a shocking ending. Consumed with the studies done in the 50’s and 60’s on human trials, the Atom Bomb, and other subjects, CG used these pieces of history, plucked them out, and inserted them into his novels. Although the Trinity Series are based in the future, these novels give guidance to ‘what could have happened’ if these studies were used in a far more hideous way years later. Every mind-blowing detail was carefully researched and annotated in these humorous and action-packed stories that include a wide variety of characters that slowly develop their own flaws, some by involuntary means. Is everyone who they seem to be? We have been told these novels are ‘hard to put down’ and are a vibrant pacey look into a future that could be. Come and join us for a wild trip into a genetically controlled microchip induced panic attack! Hold on tight and please keep your arms and legs inside the book at all times. - Pseudosynth Press

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CG Blade Science Fiction

CG Blade is an author, creative writer, engineer, and robot programmer. An avid science fiction reader and lover of horror, his twisting and ever-turning plots, and narratives, rely heavily on past and present scientific research and the human condition. Melding the past with the future, these...

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