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  • Queen Anoshi

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Trump Tight

by: Queen Anoshi

Trump Tight is the finale to the three part Royal Karma Series. It is written in the view of Dr. Stephanie Cocker. Who said that pain doesn’t run deep? Let’s go into the past to find out what has caused the lives of Nia, Hakeim, Joe, Lisa and new to the scene LaMonica or should we call her Ivy, to spiral into the tornado’s that the are fighting with. You are about to embark on a journey of twist and turns of mental torture that will have you thinking differently about love or the lack there of. A Broken Heart is not to be compared to a Broken Soul. Each of these people has gone through so much pain in their lives and that pain has left them hurt and out of control. Karma went on vacation and left Ivy in charge, now she wants nothing but blood. They are about to find that a Trump Tight always wins. Will the King finally call checkmate? Will the Queen of Spades come back or can Nia fight the urge to have her resurface? Let the cards fall they may.

Meet the Author
Queen Anoshi Paranormal,Romance,Thriller

Is a native of Beaufort, S.C. She was born with the gift of making up stories on a whim. She started writing poetry as a young child which was her outlet in conquering different adversities in her life. It wasn’t until her service in the Army and her first deployment to Bosnia that she began...

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