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  • Simplee Kish

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Brooklynn & Santana The Cover Up

by: Simplee Kish

After Brooklynn’s latest stunt landed her in the hospital her life made a dramatic turn for the worse. Her parents finding out about her older lover Santana was the least of her worries. With her brother missing her family turned to the police for help. Santana never left her side causing tension between him and his brother, while he and Brooklynn done everything they could to cover up the truth. Brooklynn struggled with the choice she made. Her actions came with a price as the guilt and fear consumed her and turned her into someone she didn’t recognize. The sweet innocent Brooklynn was gone. There was no going back to the life she once knew. She wasn’t going down for anybody. The cat was out of the bag, now she and Santana had a big decision to make. Will they get away with it, or will Detective Matheson put the pieces together and come after them both?

Meet the Author
Simplee Kish Urban Fiction, African American, Romance, Mystery

Simplee Kish was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She moved to California in the 1st grade. In the mid 80's, her family moved back to Michigan and she finished growing up on the west side of Detroit. She graduated from Henry Ford High School and attended Wayne County Community College. A single...

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