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  • J. Thiele

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Dakeb Dragon Warrior -Book #1

by: J. Thiele

Dakeb is a Dragon Warrior Dakeb watched in silence as his mother’s body was turned to ashes. Mahalia stood at his side and grasped his hand in hers. She had only spoken a few words since the death of Mehad. “My heart hurts for you.” she said. “But as long as we both fill our chest with air, you will never be alone.” “And nor you my loyal companion.” He responded…….. Have you ever wondered if dragons are real? If so, where do they go? Where do they hide? This is the first in the Dragon Warriors Trilogy.

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Jordin Thiele Paranormal, Romance, Thriller suspence

I'm Jordin Thiele from Brisbane Australia, though one day I'd like to retired in the Greek Islands, or perhaps France. My writing career only began 2014 but it is what I hope to do until I'm ready to write "The End" for the final chapter of my own life.

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