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  • J. Thiele

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Thirst: Kindred Trilogy - Kindred Trilogy Book #1

by: J. Thiele

Georgie is young, she has her entire life ahead of her, or so she thought. Unexplained events begin to happen, and a trip to the doctor, leads her to find out she is dying. Each day grows harder and more difficult to get out of bed. She just wants to spend what time she has left in the arms of her dream lover. This book is for anyone that has lost a loved one, and wished that Vampires were really real.

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Jordin Thiele Paranormal, Romance, Thriller suspence

I'm Jordin Thiele from Brisbane Australia, though one day I'd like to retired in the Greek Islands, or perhaps France. My writing career only began 2014 but it is what I hope to do until I'm ready to write "The End" for the final chapter of my own life.

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ASIN: B013GQ16G6
Publish Date: 05, Aug 2015

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