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  • J. Thiele

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Fatal Addictions (Chronicles of Detective Mike Burrows #1)

by: J. Thiele

Detective Mike Burrows is an aged, well seasoned detective, who is determined to solve every case he catches before he retires. When he lands the murder case of a high-end call girl, in a Vegas hotel, he wonders if this will be the one that goes unsolved? This is purely a murder mystery for the pleasure reading of those who enjoy an old fashioned detective book. There is no explicit sexual content in this story, however there is language that may offend some.

Meet the Author
Jordin Thiele Paranormal, Romance, Thriller suspence

I'm Jordin Thiele from Brisbane Australia, though one day I'd like to retired in the Greek Islands, or perhaps France. My writing career only began 2014 but it is what I hope to do until I'm ready to write "The End" for the final chapter of my own life.

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ASIN: B010C6D1M0
Publish Date: 23, Jun 2015

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