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  • Rhonda Lott

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On The Run (Men of honor Book 1)

by: Rhonda Lott

Alexandrea Harding is on the run from a killer. Alex had hopes of becoming a singing superstar until the death of her sister made her the target of a murdering drug lord. Now she is surviving day to day, trying to keep her remaining family alive. David McAdams built a multi-million dollar company from nothing but hard work and determination. He has no room in his life for complications, until at a party he hears Alex sing and he knows he has to have her. Having her will make his life a whole lot more complicated than he could ever imagine. With the killer closing in, can David convince the beautiful song bird that he is more than a pretty boy in a suit and that he has what it takes to keep her safe or will fear force Alex to run yet again?

Meet the Author
Rhonda Lott Romantic Suspense

New Author, writing in the Romantic Suspense genre.She lives in Atlanta Ga, wife and mother of a sixteen year old and twenty something who loves to read what she writes. Rhonda is a professional Nanny, kind of ironic that her books are very adult themed. On the run is the first book in the series....

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