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  • Donna L. Friess

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Circle Of Love A Guide To Successful Relationships

by: Donna L. Friess

Circle of Love provides a path to assist you in your journey through the labyrinth of interpersonal relationships, both personal and professional so that you may take control of your life. This is your time on Earth. New concepts are presented to help you to better understand human behavior so that you may become more skillful when dealing others. So that you may be happier. Exercises are provided to improve your competence from small talk, to managing conflicts, to becoming more assertive, to understanding that change is inevitable, to coping with toxic people, and to achieving intimacy and satisfaction in life.

Meet the Author
Donna L. Friess, Ph.D Inspirational

DONNA L. FRIESS, Ph.D., a retired college professor, is a life coach and inspirational speaker. She is an activist for children’s rights. She has been recognized by the U.S. Justice Department for her social activism and nominated for the American President’s Service Award. She is a long time...

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