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Camilla and Sean: A Counterfeit Love Story 2

by: Araminta

After Camilla is forced to choose between Sean and Donte she easily chooses her first love. Regret fills her as attempts to resume life as normal and tries to nurse her drug addicted mother to health while having nightmares of ghosts of her past. When her mother escapes Camilla gives up all hope of a better life and moves in with Sean. Just as things seem to fall into place for her she's confronted by the very man she'd tried to kill. Donte turns her world upside down introducing her to her father and letting more than a few skeletons fall out of the closet before her. Cam finds out blood ain't always thicker than water when her father demands the money they'd stolen back paid in full, even if it means killing his own daughter. Held against her will in his home Camilla tries to escape with her life. Will she make it back to Sean or will her father collect on her debt by any means? How will Camilla get out of this? Who will come out on top?

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Araminta Urban fiction

My name is Araminta, I'm from Chicago, il. Ive been writing all my life like most authors just never had anything published. I wrote a short in early summer 2015 and let my Cousin read it just for fun. She sent it to her publisher without my knowledge and the rest is history. My first series is...

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