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  • Charles W. Jones

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Hydrangeas on the Lanai

by: Charles W. Jones

After Alexis's husband is mysteriously killed, she finds sadness and depression running rampant in her life . A simple invitation to Parsons Manor brings her exciting feelings and memories. Though she questions the intent of the invitation, she readily accepts, and is whisked away to her childhood home filled with secrets. When an unexpected person tells her details of her life, she must decide if he is telling the truth and decide what to do before she is forced into an unwanted marriage.

Meet the Author
Charles W. Jones Horror,Paranormal,Suspense,Thriller

I was raised in the small town of Shoshoni, WY (yes, it's really there). I find things dark and twisty more appealing, and write strange stories about people, and places he's visited or lived.

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Publish Date: 08, Mar 2015

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