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  • Ian Thompson

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Paradise Exhumed (Ray Hammett Thrillers 1)

by: Ian Thompson

Two reporters. A relentless killer. A desperate race to stop the slaughter. In an exclusive English village for millionaires, residents believe their safety is guaranteed... until the infamous celebrity Gemini Hart is found horrifically murdered in her own home. Reporters Ray Hammett and Jessica Summers investigate. They are shrewd, courageous and caring, and share a humorous camaraderie. Soon their new partnership is tested to its limits. Inside the village, the pair find eccentricities, deceptions, hatreds and dark secrets, which reveal that this suburban paradise is rotten to the core. As more murders compound the mystery, Hammett and Jessica struggle against vicious gangsters, disbelieving police and murderous attacks. Nothing makes sense. Many people lie about knowing Hart. Everyone is hiding something. Hart's enemies form a huge list of suspects. Some of the killer's new victims are ex-lovers of Hart, others enemies, others seem to have no link to her. Hart’s past, from beginnings as a prostitute to her rise to fame and fortune, proves vital to the case. As the bodycount rises, every suspect is alibied for at least one murder... A twisting whodunit that blends vibrant characters, investigation, lethal danger and thrilling action. From 5-Star Reviews for Paradise Exhumed: " absolutely awesome intense book!" "a murderous whodunit thriller... Highly recommended, this is an author to watch." "You are going to love it."

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Ian Thompson Thrillers, Suspense, Mysteries, Supernatural Suspense, Fantasy, Horror

I was born in Liverpool, England, but I have lived most of my life in a small town in Cheshire. I pursued a career in textiles, including laboratory testing and quality control. Give me some fibres from a carpet, item of clothing or curtain, plus a microscope and some chemicals, and I’ll quickly...

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ASIN: B00T4L6V36
Publish Date: 03, Feb 2015
Language: English
Page Count: 428

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