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  • Felix Alexander

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The Secret of Heaven (Aiden Leonardo, #1)

by: Felix Alexander

Biblical clues reveal an ancient truth.

When Lazzaro de Medici is found dead, Professor of Biblical Studies Aiden Leonardo is the prime suspect. He must utilize his knowledge of Scripture to decipher an encrypted letter and find a Lost Bible dating back to the time of Christ. Pursued by the FBI, Chicago PD and a secret organization known only as The Group, Aiden races against the clock to expose the secret of heaven. For hidden within the text is an ancient truth about the most controversial message Jesus left to His disciples.

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Felix Alexander Fiction,Literary Romantic,Mystery Thriller,Historical Fantasy,Historical Fiction,Cozy Mystery

Felix Alexander (1976-Present) is a Mexican-born, American-raised novelist, and poet of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent.nnAcclaimed by readers for his poetic prose, his indie releases include: Dear Love: Diary of a Man's Desire, a collection of love letters and poems; The Romantic: A Love...

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