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  • Will Bashor

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Jean-Baptiste Cléry: Eyewitness to Louis XVI & Marie-Antoinette's Nightmare

by: Will Bashor

KIRKUS REVIEWS: Bashor presents a blow-by-blow telling of the tribulations valet Jean-Baptiste Cléry endured in the service of King Louis XVI. The author quickly makes it clear where his sympathies lie, framing Cléry’s life as “one of the most movingand tragic stories in history.”This biography of JEAN-BAPTISTE CLÉRY exposes the inner struggles of the young servant who served as the personal valet to King Louis XVI and Queen Marie-Antoinette before their tragic rendezvous with the guillotine.Incorporating findings from research based on journals and mémoires from the late 18th and early 19th century France, the compelling story sheds light on the often neglected aspects of the lives of royal servants including their steadfast loyalty and dedication to the king’s family as well as concern for their own personal well-being in dangerous, terrifying circumstances.JEAN-BAPTISTE CLÉRY is the first non-fiction work to provide insight into the cultural and psychological world of this tragic royal family from a very different perspective, that of a dedicated servant. Cléry was the only personal servant permitted to accompany and remain with Louis and his family in the Temple where they were imprisoned in 1792. Isolated from his family, accused of spying, and eventually imprisoned himself for his loyalty, Cléry spent his final days in exile in Austria.Was Cléry wrongly accused of infidelity to the royal family? Was he an agent of the revolutionaries? JEAN-BAPTISTE CLÉRY separates fact from rumor, and finally unravels the truth about this ordinary man in an extraordinary setting with very extraordinary actors

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Will Bashor History

Will Bashor has a B.A. degree in French and an M.A. degree in French literature from Ohio University and a Ph.D. in International Studies from the American Graduate School in Paris where he gathered letters, newspapers, journals, and plays during his research for Marie Antoinette's Head. Professor...

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Publish Date: 27, Dec 2011
Page Count: 312

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