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  • Jennifer Rose

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If Not For You

by: Jennifer Rose

What would you do if your days were numbered? Tandy Manning was left to decide just that. Housing long kept secrets, secrets she would surely take to her grave, she resolves to spend what time is left on a cruise around the world. Fun and adventure would be hers for the taking. After following someone else’s rules for most of her existence, Tandy is elated to set off for a once in a lifetime experience where no rules apply. 55 days exploring the globe, see the sights, discovering exotic destinations and with any luck, she would find a man to explore her untouched, unexplored, unspoiled 22 year old state of virginity at last. With no outside interference, on a ship with hundreds of potential takers, she would get her wham-bam moment and be done. Unaware that her meddling father had assigned Gage Carter, his newest security man, to keep a watch over her while she travels. Bad boy Gage is not at all happy with the idea of babysitting Mr. Manning’s spoiled little girl, that is, until he sees her photograph. Watching her takes on a whole new meaning once he meets her face to face. Given strict instructions to maintain a distance and the warning to keep his hands to himself, Gage isn’t so positive he can do the job he was sent to do. Will the secrets they hold reveal more than either of them expects. Love Boat was nothing like this adventure on the high seas. This book contains explicit sexual content, language and situations not appropriate for those under 18.

Category: Erotic Romance
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Jennifer Rose Erotic Romance

Jennifer Rose author of The Pulse Series, in essence, eats, sleeps and breaths romance. Addicted to writing and reading romance novels, it's hard to find her doing much else at her home in Ontario, Canada. She has a soft spot for Boston, Massachusetts and Paris, France and finds inspiration from...

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Publisher: Rose Petal Publishing
Page Count: 376

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