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  • Floyd Merrell

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Finding Himself: From New Mexico to the Sierra Madre and Back: Volume I: The Matthew-Matt Trilogy

by: Floyd Merrell

Synopsis: Matthew was raised by a profoundly religious Mexican mother and Anglo father. When in his twenties, he believes he has been called by God to embark on a mission to spread the gospel among the indigenous Tarahumaras in northern Chihuahua, Mexico. He leaves behind his family and sweetheart, Dotty, to walk

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Floyd Merrell Fiction and Nonfiction

Retired college prof, Purdue University (1973-2011). He authored too many professional books (32) in mind-numbing 'academese.' Since retiring, he would like to think he's writing fiction and nonfiction about identity crises, border issues, ethnic interrelations, and mental glitches of multiple...

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Publish Date: 13, Aug 2013

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