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  • Cindy J. Smith

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Rhymes Through Time

by: Cindy J. Smith

SEX, VIOLENCE, BLOOD AND GORE!!! VAMPIRES, ZOMBIES, GHOSTS AND MORE!!! This third book by Cindy does not contain any of those. What you will find are moments captured, fleeting and elusive, a dance, an intricate weave, rhymed through the sands of time.

Category: Poetry
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Cindy J. Smith Children's, Poetry

Who am I you ask? Well, I am a poet and originally from Avon, NY. I live in Indiana now with my husband. I'm an older person, not quite as old as dirt. As far back as I can remember, I have written poetry, and with every experience in life, I've found inspiration. (I really just write what...

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Publish Date: 09, Jun 2015
Page Count: 89

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