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  • Candy O'Donnell

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Firefly (Angels Reign Series book 2)

by: Candy O'Donnell

Angels don’t belong in chains…they deserve freedom! Lillian discovers secret an entrance into the dark caverns of the underworld where she finds an angel imprisoned by the darkest demon known, the Demon of Vengeance. She walks through these dim tunnels and attempts to free this angelic being from her tomb. As she comes across Danal and his demon cohorts, Lillian makes a shocking discovery about him and who he really is. Will Lillian escape or become swallowed up by the demon realm forever?

Category: Literary Fiction
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Candy O'Donnell Multi Genre

Published author, Corvette Driver, MothernCandy O’Donnell lives in California with her best friend and husband, Jim, and their two enthused teenagers. This family also includes two happy dogs, a languid cat and an energetic cockatiel. At the age of twelve, she wrote her first mini book and has...

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