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  • Ronda Pauley

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Trapped in the Mayan Tattoo

by: Ronda Pauley

Action/adventure thriller. A riveting story of human sex trafficking from the viewpoints of two teenage girls. Maria is unwittingly caught up and sold into the horrible underground world of sex slavery, crime, and corruption. A sting operation runs into serious problems, leaving one person badly injured and another one abducted. It's risky and high stakes. Witnesses to the crimes simply disappear. Abbi, 16, peels away layer after horrible layer by hacking into a computer in a desperate and dangerous attempt to help in the rescue of her mother who is missing. Look at what readers are saying: *That is a wonderful book! I especially loved the characters and that telecommunication between the mother and daughter.—B. Henshaw *It is a great read. She is an awesome author.—L. McComis *I am happy to report that I just finished reading

Category: Action & Adventure
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Ronda Pauley Action and Adventure, Mystery, Thriller and Suspense

I enjoy a really good suspenseful novel--especially a thriller, something filled with suspense. Writing them is even more fun! My favorite ever: Frenchman's Creek by Daphne du Maurier. If you enjoy a good thriller too, maybe something more modern along the line of Stieg Larrson, then you might...

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