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  • Brenda Ashworth Barry

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December Road

by: Brenda Ashworth Barry

Kaylob returns home after two years of imprisonment in a POW camp in Vietnam. Will he ever be back to his whole self again after what he’s endured? Beth Ann has the daunting task of dealing with his Post-Traumatic Syndrome, while engaged to Kaylob’s arch enemy, Blake Tanner, a rich and powerful man who refuses to let her go. Having survived such a painful separation, no longer the innocents they were just a few short years ago, Beth Ann and Kaylob must now see if their love can stand the test of time, and how he will handle the news of her engagement, which she plans on breaking now that Kaylob, her only true love, has returned home safely. Will Beth Ann and Kaylob ever get their happy ever after, or will circumstances take their dreams away?

Category: Historical Fiction
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Brenda Ashworth Barry Historical Romance

Brenda Ashworth Barry's first book was a memoir titled, Healing the Voices Within, which was never published but sponsored on a local TV station and flew off the shelves at her Healing Center in Redding California.nnHer most recent work is a six-part saga of star-crossed lovers separated by the...

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