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  • Dawn Doyle

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The Full Experience

by: Dawn Doyle

Raven Valiente was glad to be in her senior year at Gable College. It meant the last year she would have to put up getting frustrated by the dirty-minded, foul-mouthed ‘man-tramp’.Beck Traynor, upon first sight, looked like a walking wet dream.His dark hair, silver-gray eyes, model good looks, and muscular build, were what made the girls go crazy.Not Raven, though.He’d tried to charm her from the day they started college, but she wouldn’t give in, no matter how much he tried. It didn’t matter that he had her weak at the knees, had her heart fluttering in her chest, or even that just his presence gave her goosebumps. He wasn’t going to get in her pants and claim her as a statistic on the ever growing chart on his bed post.Every now and again, Raven caught glimpses into a different Beck. There was more to him than what he let people see.Maybe there was an underlying reason to his behavior. What that was, she didn’t know, but he frustrated the hell out of her regardless.If you don’t like bad language or over-use of the F-bomb, this book isn’t for you.If you don’t like detailed sex scenes between characters, this book isn’t for you.The main characters in this book are NOT teenagers.The book starts in senior year of college, with flash backs of the previous years. Contains mature language and content intended for 18+.

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Dawn Doyle Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Paranormal, New Adult, Young Adult

Dawn Doyle is an author of contemporary romance.nLoving all genres of stories, Dawn leans to the romance side as that's where her heart lies.nWriting from an early age, Dawn finally decided to pursue writing as more than a hobby.

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Publish Date: 01, Sep 2015
Page Count: 357

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