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  • Lon Varnadore

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Void Emissary

by: Lon Varnadore

The Void Emissary are the peace keeping force of the Twelve Worlds. Some of them belong to the Order of Hunters, those charged with assassinations. Pieter Strahd is one of them and he is given a mission to kill someone or the Twelve Worlds will sink into chaos. Soon he is joined by Kyp, a young æthernaut and Sarena Corr, with a living tree ship as transport. All of the together struggle against a mysterious force that could swallow all of the Twelve Worlds.

Category: Science Fiction
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Lon Varnadore Science fiction, Fantasy

I have been writing for many years, jumping from one story to the next without really finishing anything. Then, I decided to give the self publishing a try using the Amazon Kindle. I have published one novel, Mostly Human and I am currently working on the next book in the series called Cryo.nnI...

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