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  • Stanley Victor Paskavich

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by: Stanley Victor Paskavich

More than an extensive collection of one man's thoughts, this volume represents a lifetime of pondering on life's deeper mysteries while never forgetting the sorts of mundane occurrences that can be experienced while we move across this world. From humor to tragedy, Stanley relates life experiences and thought experiments both as he relates the ideas he has been sharing with the world for most of his life. What began as a good idea has matured over the years into this collection. One day Stanley decided to start recording what he considered good thoughts he expressed in conversations with people all over the world in Internet chat rooms. Instead of losing interesting quotes to the vagaries of memory and the passage of time, he started preserving these ideas and carried his file from computer to computer over the years. While he continues to record his thoughts even today, this collection represents his preservation of many years of contemplation in a fixed form.

Category: Poetry
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Stanley Victor Paskavich Supernatural Suspense, Fantasy, Horror, Poetry

Stanley Victor Paskavich was born at St. Mary's hospital in Centralia, Illinois December 19, 1958. After graduating at Sandoval High School, he worked there as a janitor a few years. On March 16, 1979 he joined the United States Air Force and served thirteen and one half years, achieving the rank...

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