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Peter Challenge Time Surfer: Book 1: Princess Hannsally and the Star People.

by: John Priest

This book will be FREE for future downloads on Amazon! There are also opportunities to get other ebooks FREE too! Peter Challenge is just your ordinary, everyday, young boy. He can think of nothing worse than going to a boring shop to buy boring wallpaper for his boring bedroom. The spooky lady in the shop calls Peter by his name, but how does she know him? She hands Peter a roll of wallpaper and he feels compelled to take it. That's when really strange things occur at home. Peter's bedroom is finally completed and lying in bed, he wonders who the two unhappy figures on the wallpaper might be. He drifts off to sleep only to be woken by a soft voice calling his name... Peter Challenge doesn't know it yet but he's about to become the only boy on Earth who can travel or surf through time. He's a 'Time Traveller' or 'Time Surfer', capable of visiting any part of any Universe at any time. He's about to go on one of the most dangerous quests of his young life. One thing's for certain, it won't be boring... If you read this book at bedtime be warned; you won’t sleep until you’ve checked every centimetre of your own bedroom wallpaper!

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John Priest Action & Adventure, Science Fiction, Children's, Advice & How-To

I write for children and adults, but mostly for children. My children's stories range from thrillers, sci-fi books to my latest real-life picture book called, Jack goes to Hospital, a book for parents and children. It has tips to show parents how to keep their kids stress-free at Hospital. My...

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