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  • Manda Mellett

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Close Protection (Blood Brothers #2)

by: Manda Mellett

Jon In my line of work making a mistake could mean someone ends up dead. I knew from the start I shouldn’t have assigned myself to provide personal protection for the woman who’s being stalked, but as soon as I met Mia, something about her calls to me and I wasn’t about to let anyone else get close to her. But I was selfish. I failed, again. And yet again, someone else paid the price for my failure. I’m a Dom; I should have known better. Mia For seven years I’ve been dead inside. Oh, I’ve been breathing air and walking around just like anyone else, but something was missing, I just didn’t know what. And now someone’s stalking me, threatening me, which brings Jon into my life. Not just any man, but a Dom, and now Jon’s become my protector. He makes me feel things I never believed I could ever feel. But the deeper I fall for him, the more he pulls away. And when it all goes wrong he blames himself, and I lose the first and only man I could ever love. But I’m going to get him back.

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Manda Mellett Romance

My life's been a bit weird, I mean, who's been unlucky enough to have had a car accident involving a nun, and another involving a police woman, and in both incidents they ran into me! I write from my many and varied life experiences. During my late teens my life turned out stranger than fiction...

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