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Fallen Men

by: Brian O'Hare

Fallen Men by Brian O’Hare is a story of three priests. All are good, spiritual men but why does young Father Ray Canavan Ray find himself on trial in a Dublin court for statutory rape of a minor? And why is his equally popular friend, Father Dan Patterson, raucously accused of murder by a member of his congregation as he attempts to celebrate a Requiem Mass? And why does Canon Tony Mulholland so lose sight of his priestly responsibilities that he tries to cover up Ray’s indiscretions by sending him to hide in Italy ?

Fallen Men touches on dark themes but ultimately it is a novel of redemption. It is a story that will bring tears to many eyes and characters who will remain in your heart long after you have put the book down. John Anthony, publisher, says: “Anyone who has read and enjoyed Colleen McCullough’s Thornbirds will also enjoy Fallen Men.”

Meet the Author
Brian O Crime-fiction,supernatural-suspense,contemporary-romance,religion-and-spirituality

Because of a debilitating illness, Dr.Brian O’Hare [B.A., ADCE(Hons.), M.A., Ph.D] took early retirement in 1998 from his post as Assistant Director of a large Regional College in Newry in Northern Ireland. It transpired that he had an irreversible liver disease (a childhood affliction) that...

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Publish Date: 15, Sep 2012
Page Count: 296

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