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  • Paula Perry

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Romance Of A Lifetime (Part One)

by: Paula Perry

Romantic, Seductive, Soul Searching, & Fateful Pamela House has a challenging career as President of J & H Engineering Group. After her second divorce, this single mother of a teenage son returns to college, and plans to concentrate solely on her business, education, and child. She has a loving family and a close circle of friends that are caring, and supportive of her endeavors. This assertive businesswoman is swept away by someone she believes to be her soul mate the adoring, and attractive Pediatric Oncologist, Dr. Ronald Jessup. This successful doctor is a widower who is raising his three sons following the tragic death of his wife. When the two met at a Political Dinner, there was a moment that changed their lives forever. Their meeting would spark the beginning of an awe-inspiring, and fanciful romance. This seductive meeting leads them to a world wind romance that appeared to be the pinnacle of their life long dreams. Their relationship appeared to be perfect until one fateful night, at a Prince Concert when she sees him with another woman. When Pamela’s world suddenly falls apart, she searches for the truth of why their relationship appeared to have failed. Pamela’s Romance Of A Life Time led her on a soul-searching adventure.

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Paula Perry Fiction, Contemporary Romance

Paula Perry is a mother, grandmother, and career woman. My life experience best describes my vision as an author.

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