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  • Kimberly Brouillette

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Devil in the Details (Book 2, The Monastery Murders)

by: Kimberly Brouillette

2015 PARANORMAL AWARDS WINNER for FICTION! In the small, quiet town of Wattsville, Maine, a killer‘s victims cry out from their graves to Deputy Christopher Williams. With the onslaught of paranormal activity, Williams finds himself unprepared for this new type of investigation. Fortunately, he meets a fascinating, amateur paranormal investigator, Nancy Jones, who discovers enlightening spiritual evidence that could break the case wide open, while capturing his heart. Meanwhile, a murder case continues to be built against a long-time religious leader. Others uncover an unexpected past history, bringing to light numerous deep secrets long hidden away. Decades of lies have veiled many truths, but the walls of deception have begun to crumble. Will the real killer finally be revealed? What are the secrets that have been concealed for so long? Can Williams find the truth before more innocent lives are lost? The answers will only be found by searching for the Devil in the Details.

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Kimberly Brouillette Crime Fiction, Thrillers, Supernatural Suspense, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Horror

Award-winning author Kimberly Brouillette is pleased to present Method on the Madness (Book 3), the highly anticipated conclusion to her thrilling Monastery Murder Series. The first books in the series, Secrets in the Shallows (Book 1) and Devil in the Details (Book 2) are the 2014 and 2015...

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Publish Date: 27, Aug 2015
Page Count: 408

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