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  • Billy Ray Chitwood

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Stranger Abduction

by: Billy Ray Chitwood

It is a sunny Sunday in May, 1993. After church, a mother and her lovely fourteen-year old daughter walk three miles to a country store for cigarettes and ice cream. It is a walk members of the family often take in this rural Sulphur Springs Valley area of southeastern Arizona near the Mexican border. The mother and daughter arrive at the store in a jovial mood, trading pleasantries with customers and the owners... The daughter timidly flirts with a boy from her school. The daughter and mother leave the store in a silly mood, finger painting ice cream on their faces. They never make it home... The deputy sheriff of the county believe there has been a 'stranger abduction'. There are lots of action, interesting characters, and romance to go with this fictional account of an incident inspired by true events...events that brought tragedy to a shaken family. Don't miss this one!

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Billy Ray Chitwood Crime Fiction, Thrillers, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Time Travel Romance, Literary Fiction, Science Fiction, Poetry, Biographies & Memoirs, History

I'm a young man in an old body, trying to catch up to myself, trying to find pieces of me I left back in a disconnected youth and the early years of manhood. I'm a stereotype of many in my generation who can play the 'blame game', yell 'foul', and 'let's start over'. But, we are what we...

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Publish Date: 15, Oct 2015
Page Count: 154

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