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  • CG Blade, Cindy J. Smith

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Emerald: The Third in the Trinity Series Novels

by: CG Blade, Cindy J. Smith

Pseudosynth Press would like to welcome you to the artificially induced world of Emerald, the third Trinity Series novel in our Pseudoverse. Hell hath no fury like Thirty-Five Women scorned. This psychotic novel delves into the circuit of the Pseudosynths and gives you a glimpse into a very satirical world of deceit, distrust, and programming run amok. Xanthe Thirty-Three begins tracking the sexy but deadly Twins. The information she learns along the way will take your breath away as she ultimately finds out who, and what, she really is. Will humanity finally become STEADY? Tropa is all around us now as Heliotrope starts to take shape. Join us in one wild mysterious ride along with a child who is as cute as she is eye opening. More importantly, this novel advances and blends an unsympathetic AI with subtle hints of a fondness for all humans missing a Y chromosome. We hope you enjoy this little ‘slice’ of science fiction heaven!

Meet the Author
CG Blade Science Fiction

CG Blade is an author, creative writer, engineer, and robot programmer. An avid science fiction reader and lover of horror, his twisting and ever-turning plots, and narratives, rely heavily on past and present scientific research and the human condition. Melding the past with the future, these...

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Publish Date: 17, Oct 2016
Language: English
Page Count: 195

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