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  • Ann Lothrop

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Wifey (The Graham Boys Book 1)

by: Ann Lothrop

For Molly Cantrell, a seventeen year old musician living in the spotlight, her dreams were far from falling in love. As Molly suddenly becomes intertwined with a mysterious man named Reese, one passionate night is all it took to begin the rest of her life. When Molly's guardians Wade and Trey learn of this night, they inform Reese of Molly's age and he leaves never saying goodbye. With blackmail and danger arising into her family's secrets, tragedy in the family, and life unraveling after decisions were made to protect the ones she loves, was it to late for second chances when Reese drops back into her life suddenly? How will he take the secret hidden from him for seven years? What secrets is he hiding from her?

Meet the Author
Ann Lothrop Romantic Suspense

let see..hummm about me? Ok I'm a retired older lady. I am free spirited, love life and live life! I keep an open mind. I started writing stories when I was a child and have found life so much more than just our imagination! I have a lot of interests' I am a bead master. I believe in giving back...

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Publish Date: 13, Nov 2016
Language: English

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