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The Wooden Rose: A symbol of love, a mystery unravelled. (The Mystery of the Wooden Rose)

by: Soraya

Fast paced and easy to read, The Wooden Rose will take you on a romantic yet emotional journey where you will feel the pain of loss, and the joy of discovering friendship, love and family. In the 1880’s gypsy lad Eddie, carves a rose from a piece of wood and gives it to his sweetheart Rosa to express his love for her. The wooden rose bridges the gap from the past into the present, through love and life, tragedy and sorrow. In present times, Alina Webster finds the wooden rose in a charity shop, and begins to experience unusual dreams. Alina is facing her own challenges and life changing circumstances, but a chance encounter helps her to discover her true path, and establish herself as a professional psychic consultant based in Glasgow. The frequent appearance of an old gypsy woman in her dreams worries Alina; When the ghost of the old woman begins to appear, Alina opens herself up to her psychic abilities, and uses her knowledge of Tarot, Runes, and Numerology to investigate the reason for the ghostly appearances. In doing so Alina discovers a long forgotten murder mystery. The wooden rose creates a catalyst that restores romance, love, friendship, and above all family, to Alina’s life. This fascinating romantic suspense will keep you hooked to the very end and you may not be able to put it down until it is finished. This is a new slant on Tartan Noir with this charming mysterious love story set in and around Ayrshire, Glasgow, and the River Clyde.

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Soraya Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Women's Fiction, Teen & Young Adult, Advice & How-To, Cooking, Religion & Spirituality

Soraya began her professional writing career as the resident astrologer for The Sunday Post newspaper. In 2001 Soraya was invited to write her first reference book 'Book of Spells' which continues to be a bestseller and since then she has gone on to write other titles in this genre.nAs a Reiki...

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Publisher: Indie
Language: English
Page Count: 316

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