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  • Cris And Clare Meyers

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Playing with Fire (Criminal Elements, #1)

by: Cris And Clare Meyers

The rules are simple: Get in. Get out. Get paid.

Loner Renee Devereaux is a thief with a lot to hide, and trust is a risk she rarely takes. Stone Anders is a mercenary and hitman, but being a hired killer isn’t fitting like it used to. But while they are criminals, they are anything but common. Renee and Stone are Talents, and their supernatural powers give them an edge in a high stakes business where one wrong move could be their last.

It’s always just one job, and everyone scatters—sometimes in less than favorable circumstances. For Renee and Stone, that’s business as usual. But things change.

A chance at revenge draws Renee and Stone into a job they know they shouldn’t take. The job: Steal a dangerous magical artifact before it can be used. Along with the deadline, they’ll have to deal with a loudmouth hacker with problematic connections, a rookie who still believes in ‘right’ and ‘wrong,’ and a professional liar with a cat’s curiosity.

Worse, something just doesn’t feel right.

But this is their job. They have a reputation to maintain, a paycheck to earn, and a score to settle…

Meet the Author
Cris And Clare Meyers Supernatural-suspense,fantasy

Cris and Clare are born and raised in the Midwest. They have been avid readers all their lives and found each other in college. Both of them worked on independent writing projects over the years, so when the concept for an urban fantasy series came to them over dinner one night, they decided to...

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Publish Date: 31, Aug 2016

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