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by: Jo-Marie

Tragedies. Survival? Believe! Nothing looks hopeful in this tiny world, but Adi and her friends know they must believe and move forward. Lee is buried in the Cliff City cave in. Maple Community lost a quarter of its town, and may lose the rest. Tunnel Town is attacked by jumpers five times larger than its people. Believe, the fourth and final book in the first Adi’s World series, is an action-packed adventure. The very tiny beings must find a way through their recent tragedies. Their survival depends on teamwork, trust, and the belief that a good life is possible again. Join Adi and her friends and enjoy a fast-paced visit, filled with danger and excitement, to a tiny world, hidden within our forests. Discover Believe and enjoy your time in Adi’s World.

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Jo-Marie Action & Adventure, Christian Fiction, Fantasy, Children's

Living my dream of being an author! I've always created scenarios and small plots in my head, sometimes for fun, and sometimes to keep myself out of trouble (didn't work). After teaching middle grades for 24 years, I listened to my fifth-graders and began writing my stories. That's how the...

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Publish Date: 02, Feb 2017
Language: English
Page Count: 136

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