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  • Roshan D Bhondekar

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Love - The Key to Optimism: Path Towards Happiness

by: Roshan D Bhondekar

Surrounded by the challenges of present-day life, mounting work-pressures, the rat race to clamber to the top, insecurities on all fronts – professional as well as personal, how does one stand up un-cowed, and come out a winner? What are the life skills required, not just to survive, but to succeed as well? Are the golden virtues of loyalty, responsibility, reliability, and humanity, still relevant? Do religion and spirituality have any role in this age of science and technology? How can one garner the strengths of technology, without becoming a slave to it? How can one strike a balance between work and life, and live life to the fullest extent? What is the worth of the support of family and friends, in this strife-filled arena of life? Read on to know about these and much more… For the storm-ravaged barge of life, tossed about by adversities, optimism is the buoy that will hold it anchored and safe… And love – charity, compassion, good-will and humaneness – is the Key to such Optimism.

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Roshan Bhondekar Advice & How-To, General Nonfiction, Religion & Spirituality, Parenting, Business, Humor

Mr. Roshan D. Bhondekar is ​the Vice President of Hope India NGO also an International Author, Motivational Speaker, IT Professional & Creative Director. He inspires and motivates individuals to realize their hidden talent. He has taken his dynamic personal messages to opposite sides of the...

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