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  • Crystal Mary Lindsey

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SURE FIRE Self Help & Knowledge of Health Care.: Cost Effective

by: Crystal Mary Lindsey

BE EMPOWERED! - TAKE BACK THE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN HEALTH...YOU DESERVE TO BE WELL - YOU DESERVE FREEDOM OF CHOICE Doctors, Hospitals, and Prescribed Medications cost a lot of money. TRUE! THAT IS WHY I WROTE THIS BOOK - TO GIVE YOU 'SOME' HELP? THIS BOOK supplies information to save you, STRESS, pain, and money. NO-ONE wants to hurt, contact a chronic illness, or PERHAPS die. Yet what you want never come into consideration. Sadly, accidents and sickness still happens.Do you crave to come out of the DARKNESS of fear and into the LIGHT of understanding about how to get over health problems, double quick?.To discover HOW you can HELP yourself and others? This book will give you an advantage to acquire some medical knowledge. To understand what to do when you or a loved one is struck down. To empower you with the ability to help yourself and others. There are valuable LINKS included for further knowledge and comprehension. I have completed the research for you. The chapters are short – to the point and self-explanatory. The TABLE of CONTENTS displays what you will find inside. There is no hidden agenda, but there is a lot of money-saving knowledge. Read on and connect with Links to learn more.Please let me know how the book helps you, by writing a short review.You are important and so is your input.Crystal Mary Lindsey R.N. BN, BSN, MHN, Prof.C. Scroll Up and Grab YOUR Copy Today

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Crystal Mary Lindsey Romantic Suspense, Women's Fiction, Christian Fiction, Advice & How-To

OutbackOzzieWriter: Crystal Mary Lindsey writes Inspiration Romance centred within the vast mysterious Australian Outback.   Her medical knowledge comes from past professional experience and spiritual perception from Godly contact. She is a Bible College graduate. Crystal enjoys gaining wisdom...

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Publish Date: 17, Aug 2016
Language: English
Page Count: 107

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