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  • Nickii Fowler

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Love's Tie That Binds: de Clare Chronicles

by: Nickii Fowler

1213 AD England Widowed and finally happy, Alinor de Bertram had built her beloved Sunnid into the perfect home for her and the people dependent upon her. Flourishing under her independence her creativity has brought a thriving industry that provided a good community that she strived to keep hidden, allowing the outside world to only see the small rundown keep of Bridge, her dead husbands land. King John brings a desperately ill Sir Tristan de Clare to wed Alinor as a payment of debt for his land in Normandy, and time spent as the kinsmen captive of King Philip of France. Strangers, they learn to build a life together, their love building the future for their family. Beginning in 1213 in the midst of England’s struggle for a family’s effort to curtail a ruthless, and greedy King’s power, necessity brings together families who need each other in ways they were unaware. And all because of Love’s tie that binds. The. de Clare Chronicles tells the story of the family’s struggle for what would eventually become the Magna Carta, through a series of four books. Each book continues the tale involving the de Clare and de Bertram families, centering on Sunnid’s Lord and Lady as they build their family and life together.

Category: Historical Romance
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Nickii Fowler Historical Romance

Loving history I got interested in genealogy, finding, and learning about my ancestors gave abundant fuel for my novels. Combining the two has been a most prolific partnership resulting in the De Clare Chronicles Series, setting my characters amidst the backdrop of the beginning of the Magna Carta...

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