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  • Siera London

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Convincing Lina: A Bachelor of Shell Cove Novel

by: Siera London

I’m on a man-fast. You heard me, a male detoxification plan. WELCOME BACK TO SHELL COVE MEDICAL CENTER WHERE THERAPY SESSIONS IN SEDUCTION ARE JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED… Lina James, psychiatric nurse and self-proclaimed independent woman isn’t going to allow another man to walk out of her life. Her love is officially off the market. She’s declared a preemptive strike on the male species with a man-fast. There’s just one glitch in Lina’s detox plan–Gideon. Her blood sugars spikes remembering the one kiss they shared. Gideon Rice, is a veteran Marine and respected psychiatrist with more emotional wounds than his patients. He lives his life in camouflage–a wall between his rejection filled past and his new life ensures the two worlds never intersect. Gideon’s life plan is simple–give wounded warriors a place to heal and convince Lina James she’s the only woman for him. When Lina’s past brings danger to her doorstep, she’s forced to accept Gideon’s help. His tender touch and determination to keep her safe, rocks the foundation of her man-fast, but she’s determined to resist her cravings. How will she keep him at arms length when he is the safe haven she’s always wanted? In a high stakes game of cat and mouse, how will they find the courage to risk their hearts in a fight for their lives? WARNING: This book contains a sexy, but tortured medical doctor in a beautiful beach town. “If you have a pulse, you will find yourself cheering for the rollercoaster ride that real love can simulate as you read this novel.” –Amazon Reader on Chasing Ava BOOK 1 - CHASING AVA BOOK 2 - CONVINCING LINA BOOK 3 - CATCHING REBECCA-COMING SOON BOOK 4 - CLAIMING JANNA- in 2016

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Siera London Suspense, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, African American Interest

I write about Intelligent & Sassy heroines and the Sizzling heroes that love them, flaws and all. n n nContemporary romance and women's fiction is my therapy of choice. I served 22 years in the United States Navy as a registered nurse before I decided to focus on my writing career. It's never...

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