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  • Queen Anoshi

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Queen of Spades

by: Queen Anoshi

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship where you gave your heart, only to come up with heartbreak? Follow Nia a successful woman who falls for a Soldier Joe. He wanted to love her but he was torn between loving her and doing what he knew was right. Only if he had been honest from the beginning then things would not have taken such a turn for the worst. What happens when your heart is crushed so badly from events that leaves you so venerable for your mind to snap? Nia found out that no matter your education level and all that you have it doesn’t stop you from being hurt. Hakeim had always been there for Nia and he would never turn his back on her. His feelings for her were deeper than he could express. He was going to be there for her through her pain and let her see that he could be what she needed. Find out what happens when ones heart is betrayed and you find yourself fighting the demons and the evil of a broken heart. Queen of Spades is sure to be a book of twist and turns that will leave you breathless. Come take a look at the dark side of love.

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Queen Anoshi Suspense, Supernatural Suspense, Action & Adventure, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Erotic Romance

Is a native of Beaufort, S.C. She was born with the gift of making up stories on a whim. She started writing poetry as a young child which was her outlet in conquering different adversities in her life. It wasn’t until her service in the Army and her first deployment to Bosnia that she began...

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Publish Date: 31, Oct 2014

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