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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
How to Sign Up? You can Sign Up by submitting the required details. You have to choose one of our provided Author Programs (Pro or Free). How to login? You can login by using your email address and password which will be delivered to your email account after you have signed up on AllAuthor. How to update my profile?
  • Click on My Account and go to Dashboard.
  • From here you can edit your profile or add any desired detail.
  • You can also use the provided tools to make the desired changes.
How to display my books on my profile page? You have to update your books manually by adding ISBN or ASIN number of your books.
Once you have submitted the required book details, your book will be displayed on your author profile. Thousands of readers visit our page daily and thus they will become familiar with you and your work immediately. For our Pro Authors, their books will be listed on our homepage and a direct buy link to Amazon will also be provided with the book.
How to change the sequence of my books?
  • Click on My Account and go to Dashboard.
  • Select ‘Submit your book’.
  • Scroll down to Manage your books.
  • Change the sequence by dragging the book to the preferred location.
How to become a Pro author?
  • Free authors can directly upgrade to Pro Author
  • Click on My Account and go to Dashboard.
  • Select Pro Author Plan
  • Make the payment through the paypal link available.
  • or
  • You can directly sign up as a Pro Author by selecting Pro Author Program on the Sign Up page.
  • Or
  • You can write to us at support@allauthor.com and our support team will take care of the rest.

Benefits of becoming a Pro Member: Certain amazing assortments such as #A2A, unlimited Tweet Scheduling, customized book teasers, Author’s interviews, outstanding social media promotions, different profile themes and many more are available only for the Pro Authors.
How to change my profile theme? Note - This option is selectively available for our Pro Authors.
  • Click on My Account and go to Dashboard.
  • Select Theme
  • Choose the theme according to your preferences.
What is this tweet scheduler? With the help of tweet scheduler you can schedule and automate your tweet messages for future. This is specially designed for author’s book promotion. So once you submit a tweet message it will get automatically attached with your book cover and its’ buy link. This will make it easier for you whenever a tweet is posted from your twitter account.
How to use Tweet scheduler?
  • Click on My Account and go to Books Tweet Scheduler.
  • Link your AllAuthor account with Twitter.
  • Set a daily limit.
  • Add your tweets
  • Your tweets will be scheduled automatically and will be posted periodically from your account.

Now you can enjoy the benefit of up to 100 tweets while our Pro authors have the privilege of unlimited tweets.
How to feature a slideshow of my book on the homepage? A slideshow of your book can be featured on our homepage which will result in a tremendous increase in your book sales.
This slideshow will rotate four banners of your books. Just a click on this banner will direct the readers to your Amazon link, from where they can buy it immediately.
As our home page has only one spot, we are giving this slot on First Come First Serve basis for $49.
For instant booking you can write to us at allauthor.com
Do the Pro Authors have to pay for the provided services monthly? No. We strictly deal in one-time payment for all the services we provide. Once you apply for the Pro account, you have to pay for an entire year. After an year, you will have to make the payment again to continue for another year. Can I upgrade to pro later? If you have already registered and have free account, then you can upgrade it from your dashboard anytime. What is book teaser? We provide an effective, fast and easy-to-use tool to create intriguing book teaser for your book. You can use a brilliant quote or interesting excerpt from your book, choose a background best suited to the atmosphere of your book from the numerous backgrounds we provide. Voila! Your book teaser for your book is ready. How does the money-back guarantee work? If you're unhappy with your Pro-account, within 7 days of upgrading, we'll give you a full refund and your Free-account will remain the same. How do you pick which authors to feature in suggested authors? While a reader view any book or author profile, we list other authors from same genre in suggested authors. Only Pro authors will be listed under suggested authors. It will make the readers familiar with you and your book. On what Social Media platforms do you promote? We are mainly promoting books on Twitter and Facebook groups. On Twitter we are promoting books from @quotesrainsite, @allauthor, @quotesasimage, @author2author and on Facebook we are promoting on 100+ authors’ and readers’ group. With every promotional post, we tag the author this way you can also easily track the promotional activities done by us under your name. What is the guarantee that our sales will increase? We don’t guarantee any increase in sales. Book sales do not depend on the promotional acts only but instead on the book majorly. We just promise to make your book familiar to a wider audience and try to give your book the maximum online exposure possible.
Feel free to contact us for more information.