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AllAuthor is a constantly growing online community that connects authors to readers and helps authors in promoting their books online in every possible manner with the best results. Take your book promotion to untouched heights by joining our Pro Author Program that comes with notable features listed below, custom made for our Pro Authors.


On becoming a Pro Author member, your Pro Author Profile is displayed in our Featured Author directory which immediately connects you to thousands of readers who visit our page daily.

Your Pro Author profile can be turned into your very own personal website which can be personalized by using any of our four distinct profile themes which are specially designed, keeping in focus your needs as an author, along with an option to update your favorite quotes, youtube video, contact page and social media links of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc

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Just as your Pro Author profile, your books get listed in our Featured book directory and we display your selected book on our homepage. A direct link to Amazon is automatically created so that readers can buy your books with just a click.

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"Because it’s not just about the stories you have penned, it’s about your story as well."

Readers are always curious to know a little more about the authors they admire and hence, we give this opportunity to our Pro Authors to connect with their reader base through a series of interview questions particularly drafted for individual authors, keeping in mind their genre of work. We publish this interview so that your readers can know you more and develop loyalty towards your work.
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The work of an author is never ending. To add to that the pressures of being active on social media and keeping your readers in the know of your regular work is a gruelling task, isn’t it?

We understand this and hence, provide the Pro Author with unlimited tweet scheduler that allows the author to select or write tweets at one go and have them scheduled for publishing in the future. With this you can schedule tweets at your own convenience, that too for an entire year and they will be posted at your decided intervals. Moreover, each of your tweet will include the cover page of your novel and its amazon link so an added promotional benefit!
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Our ever active media team is always on its heels and ready to promote your novels on the most effective social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Our social media promotion team specializes in creating custom posts for each of the social media platform with the desired hashtags and keywords that constantly increases the chance of your promotional post being noticed. To add to that, all your tweets are shared by AllAuthor twitter profile, which has a follower count of more than 50k.

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A picture is worth a thousand words so why not add a few to create that one teaser that grabs the attention of every reader. The Pro Author profile lets you create book teasers or quotes with the help of easy to use tools, multitude of backgrounds, custom fonts and share options for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. You can add any background of your choice or use your book cover as a backdrop for your teaser and you will be all ready to go ahead and conquer that social media!

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As mentioned, the Pro Author account offers four enticing templates that are especially designed in high regard of the author’s needs and are highly reflective of the author’s choices which helps the readers draw a conclusion of the author’s personality. You can tailor your profile in accordance to your taste and personality.
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