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BIOGRAPHY Andrea McKenzie Raine was born in Smithers, BC and grew up in Victoria, BC where she still resides. She was enrolled in the Creative Writing program and earned a B.A. in English Literature at the University of Victoria in 2000, and completed a post-degree Public Relations certificate program. She has attended the successful Planet Earth Poetry reading series (formerly known as Mocambopo) in Victoria, BC since 1997, and participated in the Glenairley writing retreats led by Canadian poet and novelist Patrick Lane in Sooke, BC. In 2005, she published her first book of poetry, titled A Mother’s String, through Ekstasis Editions. Her poetry has also appeared in Mocambo Nights, Canadian Literature journal, Quills, Borderlines anthology (Ascent Aspirations magazine), Tempus anthology (Rubicon Press), Poems from Planet Earth (Leaf Press), Tongues of Fire anthology, and several Glenairley chapbooks edited by Patrick Lane (Leaf Press). She has also written book reviews and articles for local magazines, celebrating the work of her peers. Andrea lives with her husband and two young sons and, by day, is employed as a correspondence writer for the provincial government. Turnstiles is her debut novel published by Inkwater Press.

She is working on publishing her second novel titled A Crowded Heart, which is a prequel to Turnstiles.
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Spectrums & Apertures: Poems

by: Andrea McKenzie Raine

Spectrums & Apertures is a poetry collection that explores the perceptions and conflicts of birth, life, love, place, religion, and death. The poems are fragments of life, in the way we experience ourselves in our various roles and relationships, and how we are impacted by the ripples we create and eventually come full circle. The poems also incorporate photographic imagery and colour, marking how we move through time, picking up small snapshots of what is happening to us, personally and globally. These images depict how we create attachments and freeze time, lingering on events that either force us to move forward or prevent us from doing so. There is an abstract continuity in the poems that binds our daily human experiences in the way we view our paths on this planet, leading us through life and into the unknowns of death.

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